Voice Packs and Recording

Phonics Packs

The fab phonics app comes initially with two voice packs, one male and one female. All efforts have been made to ensure that the phonics used in these two packs are correct, however we are aware that the accents used will not be local for the majority of users of the app, and therefore we have provided the ability for parents/teachers to provide their own voice for use in the app.

To access the phonics packs you select the Voice selection and recording option from the Parent/Teacher screen.

This will take you to the list of phonics packs on the device. For the two phonics packs that come with the app you have the ability to copy them by pressing the copy button on the line of the one you wish to copy. For any other packs that you have (either ones you have created, or ones you have loaded) you can also edit and share the packs using the appropriate buttons.

There is also the option to create your own pack by giving it a pack name, and description, and pressing the create button.

If you are using your own pack then it is important that all of the sounds/words are recorded, therefore, if you only want to change a few of the sounds/words we recommend that you copy one of the existing ones, and then edit it, rather than recording from scratch.

Recording your own packs

When you select the edit button of a Phonics pack you will be taken to the recording screen.iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.46.30

Using the button at the top you can select whether you are recording sounds or words. To record use the microphone button next to the sound/word that you wish to record. The button will turn red while it is recording, press the button again to stop recording.

When you have a sound/phonic recorded you will see that the play button is enabled. We strongly recommend that you use the play button to listen to your recording to check that it hasn’t been cut off at the start or the end. Different devices have different recording abilities, and different lead in and lead out times when recording, so having a little play before doing your final recording will give you better results. We would also recommend that you use an external microphone where possible, as that will again improve the quality of the recording.

Sharing recordings

Once you have made your recording you can share it by selecting the share option. This allows you to share it either via email, or a file sharing app such as Dropbox.

You can load a new phonics pack into the app by selecting the phonics pack either in an email that you have received, or from a website, or a file sharing app, and selecting to open it in Fab Phonics. When you do this it will import the phonics pack, and then you can go to the Voice selection and recording screen to select it.

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