Sounds and Words

Grouping of Sounds and Words

Within the app Sounds and Words are split into 8 groups. The first 6 groups cover all of the sounds in phases two and three of the Primary national strategy. Group 7 covers sounds that are split, such as a_e, as in gate. Group 8 then contains any other sounds that are required to complete the phonics required by the UK government year 1 phonics screening tests.

The Words that in the groups are words that can be made just using the phonics in that group and previous groups, so as they work their way through the groups they are able to make more words and the words that they can make become more complex.


iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.38.35In the sounds section of the app the pupil is taken through the sounds from the selected group. Each sound is covered individually with the pupil being given just the sound a number of times, and then given the sound as part of three different words. The pupil is able to tap on an individual letter to hear the sound that it makes, or swipe across the whole word to hear the word.

The pupil can move freely backwards to revisit previous sounds, and can move forwards through sounds that they have already completed.

With each sound that the pupil completes they earn a star. Stars can be spent in the Star games section of the app.

Complete list of Sounds by Group


iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.38.52In the words section of the app the pupil is taken through a number of words that can be created using the sounds in that group and previous groups.

For each word they are given the word as a whole, then it is broken up into its constituent parts and presented as sounds, and then rejoined together. It is presented in this way in order to help the pupil see how the blending of the different sounds go to make up the word.

As with the sounds, each completed word gives the pupil a star which they can spend in the Star games section.

Complete list of Words by Group


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