Parent/Teacher functionality

As part of the app there is a parent/teacher section that can allow the parent/teacher to access extra functionality to customise the learning experience.

Multiple pupils

The app is initially set up for a single pupil, but within this area there is a switch that set it up for multiple pupils to be able to use the app. When the multiple pupils switch is enabled a new switch pupil button appears on the main screen, and this allows the pupil or teacher to change/add pupils.

Monitoring progress

With one or many pupils the progress that they are making is monitored.

There are different levels of detail available as you drill down. Initially there is a list of pupils, and a tick or cross to indicate whether or not they have completed the Sounds or Words section.


There is the option to export the data for all of the pupils into an excel spreadsheet, which can then be shared.

If you select a pupil it will drill down and show for that pupil how many phonics and words have been completed within each section.

If you then select one of the groups then you will be able to see how the pupil has progressed going through the Sound and Word games. They are organised by group, and you can see both the sounds and the words using the switch at the top. The following information is available:

  • sound/word
  • number of attempts
  • number of times they were correct on the first attempt
  • number of times they were correct on the second attempt.
  • Whether they were correct or wrong on their last attempt.
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.35.09
Game progress

The game progress screen is also available from a quick link at the top of the main screen.


Access to the parent/teacher screen can be controlled by password, as can the access to the changing pupils screen.

Recording your own voice

As we are aware that different people in different places around the country and world each speak with their own accent, we have added ability for parents/teachers to record their own voices so that the accents that the pupils hear may be correct for where they are. More information about that can be found in the Voice recording section.

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