Learning methodology

Building on previous learning

The Fab Phonics app is designed to help the pupil to build on their previous knowledge as they work through the app. In this was as they progress on to new words and sounds the ones that they learnt in earlier sections are consolidated, giving them a solid understanding.

When going through the Sounds groups, each group adds new sounds, and then gives the pupils examples of their use using sounds from that group and previous ones.

Rewarding success

For each sound or word that they get correct the pupil receives a Star. This is both in the Sounds and Words learning sections, and also in the Sounds and Words games.  They are then able to use these stars to play the games in the Star games section. When they run out of stars they can go back to the Sound and Word games to win more to continue playing.

Learning from failure

As the pupil goes through the Sound and Word games any sounds/words that they don’t get correct on their first attempt is noted. These sounds/words are then given to them again after a short gap to help them to reinforce the correct answer in their mind.

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