There are three types of games that are provided as part of the app, the first two are Sound games and Word games.  These are both intended to help to reinforce the sounds and words that the pupil has learnt, and give the pupil an opportunity to earn more stars. The third set of games are Star games.  These are where the pupil can spend the stars that they have earned.

Sound game

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.31.16The sound game is quite simple, in that it displays a number of the different sounds that they have heard so far as they circle around in a loop, and asks them to pick a particular sound. If they have only just started using the app, and have not yet gone through the sound section then it will pick sounds from the first 2 groups. The app is careful not to give them two choices that sound the same at any point.

If they can’t remember what they are looking for there is a speech button in the corner that will repeat the question for them. When they get a question correct they are rewarded with a cheer and a star.

The app will track how they do at selecting the sounds, and will store the following information for each sound.

  • Number of attempts at the sound
  • Number of times they got it right on the first attempt
  • Number of times they got it right on the second attempt
  • Did they get it right on the first attempt at their last try

If the pupil did not get the sound right then the app will give it to them to try again after a gap of 2 or 3 other sounds. In this way it will help to strengthen the areas where they are having problems.

At any point you can see the progress that a pupil is making.

Word games

There are two word games that they can choose from. The first of them will just present them with a selection of words that they have heard before, and say them to find a certain word. This words in a similar way to the sound game.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.31.47The second word game is more complex in that it gives them a number of sounds, and asks them to make a certain word. Then as they select each sound it builds up the word in the middle of the screen until they have correctly spelt the word. If they make a mistake they are given a horn sound, and when they complete the word they are given a cheer and a star.

As with the sound game the pupils progress is tracked as they go, and any words that they have a problem with are repeated.

When they select either sound or word games the sounds and words that are presented to the pupil is done in a specific order. All sounds/words are chosen from ones that they have previously been shown in the sound/word section (unless they have not been through the sounds or words feature, in which case it gives them sounds from the first two groups and words from the first group). The order is as follows.

  • Sounds/Words they have previously attempted and answered incorrectly first time on their last attempt.
  • Sounds/Words they have not previously attempted.
  • Sounds/Words they have previously attempted and answered correctly first time on their last attempt.

This order is used to try and re-inforce the correct answers, especially on sounds/words where they are having problems.

Star games

There is a choice of three star games where the pupil can choose to spend the stars that they have earned.

Farmyard scenedevice-2015-10-26-164426.png

The first is a farm scene, where they get to place items found on a farm in their farmyard picture. Each of the items will animate in their own way, and also have a different behaviour when the pupil touches it, as well as saying the name of the thing they tapped. Each item they add to the farm will cost them 10 stars, and if they want to remove the item they can drag it to the bin in the corner, and they will get their stars returned to them.

Each pupil in the app can build their own farmyard picture, and the app will remember what they placed where in the picture, so it will be in the same place when they return.


The breakout game builds a wall based on the words that the pupil has seen so far, and then as they knock out a brick from the wall the word on the brick is said to them. They gain points for each brick that they knock out, and at the end of the game if they scored enough points then their score is added to the high score board.

With every level that they clear the speed of the ball increases, making the game get a bit harder with each level until only the best can continue.

Each game of breakout will cost the pupil 10 stars to play.

Alien arcade

The alien arcade game is a simple arcade game where aliens move across the screen in three rows, and you have to shoot them with the cork gun. The player has 10 corks, and aliens in different rows have different number of points.

Like the breakout game the players score at the end goes into the high score table if they are in the top 3.


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