Fab Phonics

Fab Phonics has been designed in conjunction with primary school teachers to help give your children the best possible start when learning how to read. It combines learning sounds and words, concentrating on blending of the sounds together to make the words. The pupils can earn point which enable them to play games.

The app comes initially with two phonics packs (one male and one female), but also provides the ability to record your own audio, so if you want to have an accent that is different to those provided you can record your own phonics and words and use these instead. Your phonics packs can also be shared with others via email or file sharing apps such as DropBox to enable schools etc to provide ones that they are happy with for all families to download.

Fab Phonics can be used either for a single pupil, or for multiple pupils. It allows you to track the progress of each pupil, to see how far they have moved through the phonics and words. You are also able to export a progress file that can be read into excel that will show the progress of all of the pupils.

The app will cover all of the phonics currently required by the UK government year 1 phonics screening tests.

The app provides a structured development/practice of skills and knowledge as well as giving, if required, detailed analysis of a child’s performance and progress.

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